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{our song is over and heavy}
BoomBoom Fansub is a NOT so serious fansubber that concentrates on Shounen Club Junior League/Colosseum. We are not pros, so mistakes might occur every now and then. But the whole point of this fansubbing community is to give the opportunity for those who do not understand Japanese at all to be able to laugh and enjoy this segment of Shounen Club.
♛ Do not upload our subbed videos on streaming sites like Youtube , Veoh , Crunchyroll etc. None of us wants to be fined by any tv station .
♛ Do not hotlink .
♛ Do not Re-upload our files and post them elsewhere .
♛ Do not sell or re-distribute our files in anyway or elsewhere .
Translators: dreamweavernyx
Spot translator: akumanakoi + keeconk
Timer: akumanakoi + sherry_true
Typesetter: keeconk
QCs: alkoi
Encoder: keeconk
Videos will be open for public for a week or less , depends on decision made on it . Now to see the videos that are already locked , click the 'join this community' link on top of the page. You don't have to leave a comment or anything .

Reminder :
All members in this community will be moderated. All the approval & deletion will be in the mod discretions. And lastly, we would prefer our members' journals not to be empty (for several reasons).

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