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14 August 2011 @ 04:07 pm
boomboom_ing's current project list:

* 2008.09.07 Nekketsu Jr. League
* 2009.01.11 Heisei Post - Hip Hop JUMP
* 2009.03.01 Nekketsu Jr League - Revenge Battle
* 2009.04.05 Jr. Colosseum - Dancing Game
* 2009.04.12 Jr. Colosseum - The Gong Show
* 2009.05.10 Jr. Colosseum - Furige Battle
* 2010.01.17 Hey!Say!BEST Talk
* 2010.01.17 Jr Colosseum - Dance Quiz
* 2010.03.07 Jr Colosseum - Dance Quiz 2010
* 2010.07.02 Jr. Colosseum - Johnny's Gesture 2010
* 2010.10.15 Jr Colosseum - Dancing Chair Game
* 2011.01.07 Jr Colosseum - Picture Game

In Progress
* 2010.08.13 Jr. Colosseum - Munekyun Senshuken (Translation completed, timing completed, typesetting in progress)
* 2010.05.14 Jr. Colosseum - Dance Quiz 2010 (Translation in progress, timing in progress)

Future Project
* 2008.11.09 Nekketsu Jr. League
* 2008.12.07 Nekketsu Jr. League
* 2010.03.14 Jr. Colosseum - The Gong Show
30 June 2011 @ 02:36 pm
If anyone of you want to join our sub team, do not hesitate to either PM me personally, or comment to this post.

Available post:
  • Translators: currently 2 translators
  • Timers: currently 5 timers
  • Typesetters: currently 1 typesetter
  • QCs: currently 3 quality checkers
  • Encoders: currently 1 encoder

Currently needed:
  • Translators [two more maybe?]
  • Typesetters
03 August 2010 @ 11:24 am
Hi there! I'm sorry that the community has been dead for awhile! To be honest, we do have two on-going projects, but they both got stuck in the process. One has been completed till the typesetting process, yet our encoder cannot do her job as usual because she just changed her laptop to macbook and is still trying to find what software she can use to encode the file. Another project is still in translating process but then again our translator that's doing that project is pretty busy.

So here we go... if there's anyone that's interested in becoming a translator, typesetter, or encoder, please pm one of the mod (or me personally). We're really in need of an encoder at the moment (because I use a macbook too and I have no idea what software to use to encode video and I can't take over this task even when I'm free).

Or if you can recommend a good encoding software (free) for macbook, that would be a really good help!!
10 February 2010 @ 02:01 pm
I know that it's already Wednesday and we haven't posted Jr Colosseum 20100117. I'm really sorry about that. Some unforeseen events occurred and we might need to postpone the release. Editting and Timing is completed. But due to several reasons (aka fucked up internet provider + project leader being such an HQ maniac = delays!! XP), we would post it up a little bit late than usual. But I can assure you that we would post it this week.

Sorry for the long waiting.

BoomBoom Fansub.

Note: If we haven't approved your membership request, it would be either we haven't checked the requests or that your journal is empty. If you have an empty journal, please do have at least one public post. Please do contact us once you have one public post so we can approve you.
13 October 2009 @ 11:34 pm
We just released our fifth project. Sorry for the delay, that’s because of school is being hectic these days. >.<. Anyway, BoomBoom fansub will accept video requests for the time being. You can leave a comment in this post, and tell us which video you want to be subbed. We can’t guarantee that we can sub all requested videos, but we will try our best. :)

Just want to remind you:
- Make sure that it haven’t been subbed by other fansub nor is it in the other’s team to-do list.
- Jr.Colosseum and Nekketsu Jr Leagues are preferable.
- Although you might not understand Japanese, if it looks funny, feel free to request!
19 September 2009 @ 10:44 pm
we just reached 100 members!!
im sorry if i havent approve some of your membership requests, that's because your lj is empty. i want to approve you, but i have to be fair with other members. :) 

boomboom_ing  will be on hiatus for a 2 weeks.. im sorry. because i need to stay away from laptop for 2 weeks, so i cant enconde any video for a moment..  and our timer&typesetter will be on hiatus for a while and she's still not sure when she will back.

love you pple. :D

15 September 2015 @ 11:53 pm
THE LISTCollapse )
21 August 2009 @ 03:52 pm
boomboom_ing  has reached +50 members!!
we're curruntly working on the next project, i really hope it will finish soon. :) 

well, as one of the mods, i'd like to know which one do you prefer to be subbed, so we can keep focus on that. 

which one do you prefer to be subbed?

Jr Colosseums/Jr Leagues
Heisei post
Others (please jutify the comments)
i really hope all of you will vote this poll.  if it's possible, please tell me the reason. :) 
EDIT.: i forget to  mention this, we're currently looking for a translator, PM me if you are interested
12 July 2009 @ 08:39 pm
Hello all ! Welcome to our subbing community , boomboom_ing  :D
This community is locked for members page only .
Our main focus is to sub Shounen Club Junior Leagues/Colosseum .

To join our community , read and follow these following rules:
} Do not upload our subbed videos on streaming sites like Youtube , Veoh , Crunchyroll etc. None of us wants to be fined by any tv station .
} Do not hotlink .
} Do not Re-upload our files and post them elsewhere .
} Do not sell or re-distribute our files in anyway or elsewhere .

Stick to all of these rules and there will be no problems .

Videos will be open for public for a week or less , depends on decision made on it . Now to see the videos that are already locked , click the 'join this community' link on top of the page. You don't have to leave a comment or anything .

Reminder :
All members in this community will be moderated. All the approval & deletion will be in the mod discretions. And lastly, we would prefer our members' journals not to be empty (for several reasons).